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Being Thankful; Its Benefits And Effects On A Person

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Being Thankful

“Be thankful”. It is a popular phrase and everyone says that. It must be simple, right? Just notice all the things you have that others are struggling to get and feel blessed. But nowadays, most people struggle to be grateful and fail to see the good in things. This happens to adults as well as youngsters. People whine when they see someone have better things than them. Seeing others’ blessings makes them blind to their own. 

Advantages Of Being Thankful

Practicing gratitude is a healthy habit. According to Harward Health, it has a good effect on our mental well-being. Being thankful improves health, helps people experience more positive emotions, appreciate good occurrences, face hardships and difficulties, and construct healthy relationships with others.

According to the Life Coach Directory, a thankful person experiences less stress, anxiety, and loneliness. They have improved self-esteem, resilience, sleep, physical health, friendships, and relationships. 

How does gratitude help a person experience increased happiness? Researchers have found some effects of gratitude on the human brain. According to Brain Balance, gratitude activates certain parts of the brain which produce dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in our bodies that is responsible for memory, motivation, and pleasurable reward. This increase in dopamine makes a person experience delight.

Effects Of Gratitude on People

Being thankful does not only have positive effects on the person expressing it. The person on the receiving end of that gratitude also experiences that positivity. According to Psychology Today, when people feel appreciated, they feel validated and important to others. They feel as if they have made a difference in a person’s life and that gives them satisfaction and joy. 

This is why thanking people is a good practice. The other person feels happy. You feel happy. Win-win.

Noticing One’s Blessing And Gifts

A person becomes so obsessed with obtaining what others have, that they forget what they already have. Counting one’s blessings and being thankful is a sure way to live a good life.

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