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How to Make a YouTube Channel in 2020?

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YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world right now. Why wouldn’t it be?

YouTube currently has whooping 1.68 billion users and recorded 2 billion monthly logins worldwide in May 2019:

That’s not all, in the same month 500 hours of video were uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Yes, this is insane and with such an insane audience, it makes YouTube a perfect place to market your products or services.

Even if you’re not thinking to use YouTube as a marketing tool for your business, you may be interested to start a YouTube channel to make a living out of it or maybe you’re an artist and want to put your art in front of the world.

So I’m here to help you to know how to start a YouTube channel in 2020.

However, before starting a YouTube channel, you need to research certain things first. Trust me, I’m a YouTuber myself and I regret that I excluded the research when I was starting my YouTube channel back in 2019.

The two essential things that I would like to recommend you to research are :

Look for your Niche:

You might be thinking what is a niche? A Niche is basically what your channel is about. It can be about many things such as beauty, fashion, vlogs, travel, or perhaps tutorials.

So, first of all, you need to explore your interest and know what and which type of content you want to create. Because creating every type of content is taking you nowhere. It is important to specialize in a specific type of content in a specific niche to target a specific type of audience.

Yes, I know that may have sound risky but haven’t you heard that phrase? The greater the risk the more is the return.

Research about your competitors and know your target audience:

When you make your YouTube channel you’ll face competition from other YouTubers and currently, YouTube has around 31 million YouTube channels. Honestly, that is a very competitive market so you need to have an insight into your competitor’s work. No, it’s not a tough job just go and look for some successful or growing YouTubers and understand their content. How are they uploading the content:

Are they using music?

How are they using thumbnails?

What kind of titles do they use?

Furthermore, you need to know your target audience that which gender are you going to target? What age? Either domestic or international?
You’ve to know about this beforehand.

Now after the whole research you’re prepared to make your YouTube channel and I will help you in that so let me guide you step by step about that.

How to make a YouTube channel step by step:


• First of all, you need a Google Account to make a YouTube channel. If you have a Google account your 50% of the work is already done.

• Sign in to your Google Account and open YouTube.

• Now, click on the top right corner on the icon of your google account.

• Now, click on switch account and then click on more accounts.

•Then you’ll be redirected to create a Google Account. Furthermore, you’ll be asked whether a business or an individual account?

A business account simply helps to keep a separate name of your YouTube channel other than your Google account.

So if you want that then make a business account.

Step 2:

Customize your channel:

Now that you’ve created your YouTube channel you need a bit of customization as your YouTube channel comes blank and so you need to customize it for yourself. Now you can click on customize add a description about your channel in the about section as well as add some relevant website links, social media account link, and an email so that people could reach out to you and contact you if they feel like.

Step 3:

Add channel art:

The next thing is channel art or channel banner.

It’s like a cover photo of your YouTube channel that tells people what your channel is about.

You can make a custom channel art using your computer or maybe an Android app such as Canva or Picsart.

Moreover, add your social media account links in the about section so that they can automatically appear on the channel art and people could click and redirect to your Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Now you need to choose an icon which is like a display profile (DP). If you’ve made this channel for your business it’s recommended that you use your business’s logo and if you’re an individual you could use your picture like I’ve used mine.

Here’s what a channel art and icon looks like you can make one according to your preferences:

Step 4:

Upload your first video:

Now that you’ve created your channel it’s time to upload your first video.

For that go to the channel dashboard click on create there you’ll get an option to either upload a prerecorded video or shoot a live one. It depends on you whether you’ll pre-record and edit or just shoot and upload.

Just get started with it as you’ve taken the first step by creating your channel now all you’ve to do is take up the challenge to upload consistently. One thing I want to tell you as a YouTuber myself the first few videos might suck because it takes time to be confident in front of the camera and learn the process but upload videos.

Why? Because practice makes perfect. The more you practice the more you’ll get good at it and honestly to succeed on YouTube you need to be consistent.

Consistency is one of the many factors to succeed so go ahead and hit that record button.

Bonus tips:

As a YouTuber, the three important tips that I’ve to give to you are consistency, patience, and learning. All of these are important to succeed on YouTube.

Also one last thing please pay close attention to your analytics and try to understand them. Plus, a good title, thumbnail, and tags are also essential for you to get more views.


That’s all that you need to know about starting a Youtube channel in 2020.

I hope it was helpful to you. And just remember that YouTube could become a great marketing tool for your business or a great career for you but for that you need to do the right things and once again I’ll say those analytics play a huge part in your channel discovery along with the title and thumbnail because these are the first things your potential viewer will look at and influence his/her decision to click on your video and eventually that will decide the fate of your view.

Featured image:

Photo by NordWood on Unsplash

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