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Is Time Travel Possible?

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Time Travel in Science’s Eyes

Over the years, many movies and books have mildly discussed the topic of time travel. Some believe it is real and can occur while others classify it as a myth. But science itself doesn’t directly deny its existence.

Time Travel Possibility 

According to Wikipedia, some theories propose that a specific motion or geometric shape might allow time travel, but it might take a few decades for us to reach such a level to enable such a thing. A scientific term, wormhole, might also enable time travel, but a wormhole still hasn’t been found to date.

Time Travel In The Future

Maybe in the future, our technology will advance enough to time travel between different periods of existence. Such a thing will be possible, as a few centuries ago humans would’ve never imagined that they could talk to each other from different corners of the world through a piece of metal, glass, and wires, i.e a mobile phone. Many modern technological inventions could have never been invented in the past and it is no secret that our technology is evolving. In the future, a diverse topic such as time travel may be possible. But right now we’re stuck on coral reef printers and banana-peeling robots.

Black Holes and Time Travel

The connection between the two is complicated. According to a theory by Einstein, a black hole draws objects towards it using the flow of time. No one can stop this pull like no one can stop time. It is still unknown whether black holes can be used for time travel but right now humans can’t get close to a black hole without it pulling them in and killing them. But it is known that black holes can slow down time around them. This happens because of the powerful gravitational force exerted by the black hole. 

According to Express, just standing on the edge of a black hole, 1 minute can be equal to 700 years on Earth. Such a fact can show how strangely black holes engage with time.

Different Opinions on Time Travel

People argue if time traveling to the past is possible or not. Some bring theories while others simply deny them. Science itself is at war with its existence.

“If time travel is possible, where are the tourists from the future?”   

-Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking also quoted:

“Time travel may be possible but it is not practical.”

Different religions also have different views on time travel. It is to be noted that time travel IS NOT directly addressed in most religious texts and scriptures. Many people of the same religion have different takes on time travel and their opinion is to be respected.

Maybe in the future, a convoluted concept like time travel may be simplified and many new theories will give way to countless possibilities and opportunities. But first many discoveries are to be constructed for time travel to be made possible.

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