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Health; Can It Be Put On The Line?

Health. It is an essential thing in one’s life. After all, the quality of a person’s life depends on how good his health is. Eating a good diet, getting decent sleep, taking time to care for oneself, and staying away from harmful addictions are things that a person does for his health. But being honest, how many of us actually care for our health? We can get so carried away with our lives that we deprive our bodies of proper care. Be it staying up late to complete an assignment or forgetting to eat.    

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Over-Population; Is It A Problem Or A Solution For the Economy?

Over-population is mainly seen as a disadvantage, but in some parts of the world, over-population is a good thing. More stomachs to fill would be bad news for people who have a very limited supply of these resources. But in wealthier countries of the world, more people would mean more economical development in the future.

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Being Thankful; Its Benefits And Effects On A Person

“Be thankful”. It is a popular phrase and everyone says that. It must be simple, right? Just notice all the things you have that others are struggling to get and feel blessed. But nowadays, most people struggle to be grateful and fail to see the good in things. This happens to adults as well as youngsters. People whine when they see someone have better things than them. Seeing others’ blessings makes them blind to their own. 

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Is War Necessary To Become A Strong Nation?

Wars. They are terrible, they are traumatic, and worst of all, they cause considerable losses to both sides, be it the soldiers or the citizens. Over the years, many countries have had wars. The Mexican-American War, Ukrain-Russian War, World War I, or 2. A lot of losses were endured in these them and the countries that won are the world’s most powerful nations right now.