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What’s the Easiest Way to Make Money Online?

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In today’s world where needs (I would say desires) are more as compared to supply (earnings) for most human beings. Everyone wants to make extra money with less effort and in a quicker way. I have both, good and bad news for you. The good news is in today’s era there are more opportunities available to earn extra as compared to previous times. And bad news would be shared at the end.

After thorough research, below is a list of opportunities to achieve your target of making money easily, IF you are well prepared for it.

1. Freelance Working

Out of several freelance websites, I would mention only the top 5. If you have a skill such as content writing, web development, social media management, graphic designing, or as simple as a good command of your mother tongue. You can easily create your account and learn in deep how to move forward.

  • Fiverr
  • Toptal
  • Linkedin
  • Upwork
  • Freelancer

2. Website and App Testing

This way you earn money by testing websites and apps. You should have enough knowledge and expertise to be accepted as a tester Once you are accepted after passing a short test, you will start receiving opportunities to invest your time and knowledge to get paid.

3. Attempt Surveys to be paid

There are several websites that are engaged with their customers to launch surveys on their behalf. Register with them to earn money or gift cards.

4. Blogging

If you love writing, this is the best and a booming opportunity for you. After joining an affiliate network/program, you get paid when a link is clicked included in your blog to purchase a product or service.

5. Vlogging

If you are a good speaker and loves to explore new places or purchased anything recently such as a smartwatch, latest mobile phone, or have a bird as a pet. Capture the videos and upload them on youtube after creating a channel. Once you are successful in gaining the attention of a good number of audiences. Through advertising on your videos, a good amount of money can be earned utilizing Google Adsense, Amazon Associate Program, and many more.

6. Become Influencer

Simple few steps: Choose a Niche field, choose a platform and start today. It is important to do proper homework on the chosen niche for reputation building. Once reputation is built, be prepared to work as an ambassador for brands


7. Cryptocurrency Investment

This opportunity is the last on my list of the easiest ways of earning money. Investment in cryptocurrency could make you rich overnight but on the other side, the opportunity is attempted without proper homework and market knowledge. This could cost you very heavy losses. Basically, the bigger the risk, the bigger the gain.

You may also earn through mining cryptocurrency. This process is the easier option, you may start mining through your mobile phone, or you may invest a huge amount on expensive equipment to earn a handsome amount. Sky is the limit, the more you invest in high-performance mining hardware, the higher the results.

Now the bad news, there is no easier or quicker way to make money online if you are not well prepared or not willing to be prepared for it. Each opportunity requires a related skill set, resources, hard work, and most importantly consistency in what you chose to do. You cannot be successful by following any of the above ways unless and until you are serious to pursue any with full dedication, with new skills learning ability, and most important with the hunger to be a successful human being.

Below are a few links if you wish to learn a new skill, polish your skills, or get support:



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